Rimini e Riccione

Is not only synonym of entertainment, night life, discos, but also a vibrant city of culture, where a Roman past is strictly tied with its Renaissance heritage and with contemporary art trends. You can truly live this charming past in the city centre, where you can pass over the charming Roman Bridge of Tiberius, built in 27 b.C, or is the Malatestian Temple, built in the early Renaissance, with the façade of Leon Battista Alberti and inside, paintins by Giotto, Agostino di Duccio, Piero della Francesca and Vasari.

San Marino

San Marino is the most ancient Republic of Europe. According to the tradition, its foundation dates back to A.D. 301. According to tradition, Marino, a Christian stonecutter from Dalmatia, took refuge (early 4th cent.) on Mt. Titano, the chief geographical feature of present-day San Marino. By the mid-5th cent., a community was formed; because of its relatively inaccessible location and its poverty, it has succeeded, with a few brief interruptions, in maintaining its independence. In 1631 its independence was recognized by the papacy. Recently, San Marino entered the list of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites

San Leo

San Leo is a little, picturesque village that dominates the Marecchia Valley, not far from Rimini. Located on thick stones which reveal a magic atmosphere even during the hottest summer days, it is characterised by a huge fortress which enjoyed a great fame as a military bulwark, unconquerable for its extraordinary geographical position.


Verrucchio is a really special place, animated by important evidences of a distant past. The development of Verucchio settlement as early as the IX century BC was favoured by its favorable position at the mouth of the Marecchia Valley.


Santarcangelo di Romagna is a very special town and a strongly recommended excursion. The village is developped around its beautiful fortress which can be reached by the narrow, medioeval streets that end with a charming sight down on the valley. But Santarcangelo offers much more to the visitors: invaluable monuments, the mysterious caves, exceptional craftsmen, and, last but not least, excellent cuisine.


Gradara is another mighty fortress which served both as a defence and a sumptuous residence. To appreciate its defensive significance, it should be viewed in connection with Rimini and as part of a system which included other nearby fortresses, like Gabicce, Casteldimezzo, Fiorenzuola. In the fortress of Gradara there are still fifteenth-century frescos of heroes and battles, but these were commissioned by the Sforza family who held the castle from the year 1463.


Longiano is a well- preserved, medioeval village located in the very heart of Romagna. Characterised by its narrow streets and by a breathtaking surrounding landscape, Longiano is also well-known for its Theatre, Teatro Petrella. As a matter of fact, lots of artists use to go there to launch their shows, because it is commonly believed that it brings good luck

San Mauro Pascoli

Small town just 8 km from the sea , became famous for being the birthplace of the poet Giovanni Pascoli . Visited the birthplace of the poet , the Villa Torlonia where he was assassinated father Roger . The council organizes a guided tour every Thursday from San Mauro Mare .


Cesena is a town located just a few km. from the seaside. In the past it belonged to the Malatesta family, the same one which ruled Rimini. The important heritage of the town is still kept on by the Malatestiana Library, a key cultural institution, where thousands of ancient books and manuscripts are stored and preserved. During the visit, do not miss also the ancient Malatestian Fortress.


Small town overlooking the Adriatic with fine shopping and entertainment center. To visit the Saracen Tower seat of the shell museum


Bellissima cittadina sviluppatasi attorno all’importante Porto progettato da Leonardo Da Vinci. Il porto ospita il museo della marineria con barche antiche. Interessanti sono anche la piazzetta delle conserve, il museo Marino Moretti (casa natale del poeta) e il Museo Pantani con una bella raccolta del grande ciclista scomparso già da qualche anno. Raggiungibile facilmente con il treno linea Rimini – Ravenna.