Is the largest theme park in Italy. It is located in Savio (not far from the town of Ravenna) and attract over thousands of visitors a year, making it a leading visitor attraction in Italy. Mirabilandia is a water park whose main attractions are: thrilling water rollercoasters, spectacular wave pools with slides, rides, flumes, and artificial beachs. There is plenty to do for all ages, weak and strong swimmers.

Italy in Miniature

A very special and unique park where visitors can walk all around Italy’s main monuments and historic buildings on a miniature scale and see very life-like depictions of the Colosseum, the Leaning Tower, S. Marco etc.


Is one of the largest water parks in Europe. It is located on the hills of Riccione and it features wave pools, flume rides, floaming waters, rapids, where you can have fun by racing with your friends. For the younger visitors there are a further children-sized rides to enjoy. And for all those who just want to find a bit of relax: Aquafan features also a sun bathing area, cafès, pubs, shops and a Mc Donald’s.


Is another water park. Besides water pools, it offers to its visitors amazing shows: the Dolphins’ lagoon, shows featuring birds of prey, the amusing “Animal Farm” show.

The house of the butterflies and Cervia anventure

Ever since the Roman times, Cervia has been an salt-making center, the first rival to Chioggia for salt production. The saltpans stretches over 827 hectares and some of them are working stil nowadays. In Cervia, another extraordinary place to visit is the House of Butterflies, an original and innovative centre of environmental education. Here you can walk in an environment that hosts hundreds of tropical butterflies. In the greenhouse the climate and the environment of rainforests are reproduced in order to allow the butterflies to live and reproduce the way they would in their natural environment.


Atlantica is another water park that is located in Cesenatico. It is smaller than Aquafan, but fully equipped with water pools, rollercoasters, ideal especially for the younger visitors.